New Logo by Andy

January 19, 2016

So lovely isn’t it? A one off hand drawn logo by Andy – one of the best CD’s I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with, not to mention a nice chap. Currently hanging out in Berlin – you can admire his work here.  

Mama Chomp – Strategic Workshop

January 5, 2016

Design Thinking comes in pretty handy when you’re trying to work out a problem. Yesterday I put it to work and ran a strategic workshop with Candy Weiss (founder of Mama Chomp) in the kitchen where she lovingly hand bakes her gluten free goodies. In a swift collaborative session of 2 hours, I...

Reading – Business Model Generation

January 4, 2016

Author | Title – Business Model Generation, Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur  Topic – Review of Disruptive Business Models – the new, the varied and the different. Method of Discovery – Recommended by a very lovely Service Designer as an essential to get me started. Inspiration – I love...

I hope you’re having a good time?

January 3, 2016

A pretty simple question “I hope you’re having a good time?”, was just the jolt I needed. Away on holiday my son was proudly showing off his new writing skills by sending a few postcards. And he kept asking during our calls, if I’d received mine yet? Checking the postbox on return from...