katerstorey January 5, 2016

Design Thinking comes in pretty handy when you’re trying to work out a problem. Yesterday I put it to work and ran a strategic workshop with Candy Weiss (founder of Mama Chomp) in the kitchen where she lovingly hand bakes her gluten free goodies.

In a swift collaborative session of 2 hours, I used the Business Model Canvas (Osterwalder, A. and Pigneur, Y. (2010). Business Model Generation – pp44.) as a foundation for our discussion.

What I like about the canvas, is that it gives me 1. a rapid depth of understanding about core elements the business, 2. a holistic picture of the operation and the owner and 3. an accurate view of the current situation. All of which are essential to tailor a strategy or make valued recommendations – be it brand, customer experience, or digital of any channel.

Business Model Canvas

The session was a hit with Candy too – as it gave her a chance to take a step back and do some big picture thinking about the future – and a chance to identify and prioritise key tasks for the next stage.

What we came away with was remarkable and exciting considering the time invested of only a few hours!

Collaboratively we wrote post-its, asked and answered each other’s questions – and had a pretty wide discussion. In essence we got all of the thoughts that had been swimming around Candy’s head, out and onto a wall to look at, discuss – enabling me to begin incorporating them into a plan. It wasn’t perfect – but it was a quick and effective way to build insight and trust.

And after our session I beautified our output to a document that we can continue to edit and adjust over time – I used a great collaborative tool called mural.ly (recommend it if you haven’t tried it, have a go at the 30 day free trial).

The most valuable part of this session, was that it gave me a chance to draw out the invisible stuff that I couldn’t have garnered before – the inspiration, passion and dreams core to this business and essential to the future digital brand. Being able to translate the sparkle behind Mama Chomp into a business document that can be actioned quickly was a vital first step.

Mama Chomp

We now have a common view and insight on how to take this merry band of Chompers forward, in a way that is meaningful and authentic to the brand and Candy.

For more info on Candy, Mama Chomp and her wonderful gluten free treats – check out the links below – website coming soon!

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