I found a great bunch of thinkers at the outset of my journey back to design, and was inspired to define my purpose…

What’s the BIG idea?

  • To design more authentic, memorable human connections and impactful experiences
  • To approach problem solving in complex spaces with HCD methods, ways of being and mindsets
  • To be true to myself and my values, and have some fun with the work
  • To really get to know people, what really makes them tick – and apply it for better outcomes
  • To work with respect, honour and integrity
  • To do the little things that make a BIG difference, particularly for my son

To continue 

  • Being inspired by the hearts, minds and conversations that I’m stumbling in on via study and digital rabbit holes
  • Apply the learning & continue to develop my practice
  • Be curious
  • Keeping it real, being authentic, open and honest

How will I  know if this is working?

  • The work will deliver real results
  • There will be spaces between moments to allow the creative process to flow
  • The work and the people will better reflect these ambitions

I hope you enjoyed, if you’re curious you can find more here www.slashpurpose.org