I’m a human centred design consultant with strategic, service and design research experience. I’ve a solid understanding of my practice, underpinned by global digital experience and a growing focus on the design of experiences with communities in the built environment.

I’m fascinated by humans. I love connecting the dots to understand ‘why’ we do what we do, and locating strategies for how it can be done. I love finding value exchanges that unlock the entanglement, that provide insight to authentic possible futures that people can relate to and believe in. My greatest joy is building advocates for human centred change and watching them take ownership to embed that vision.

Working in the UK for 10 years was one of my greatest opportunities, educating myself about design has been the next (after parenthood!). In the UK I worked with the best in a mature digital culture that has given me a taste for thoroughness and quality that is tough to shake.

My PhD is focused on improving the service experience of visitors to Montsalvat Arts Centre, a creative community undergoing profound change. Embedded as a design researcher in the community, I’m combining prior learning from Art History (B.A), and Design Future (M.A), with commercial realities of designing and implementing retail omni-channel digital transformations (digital brand, sales & marketing in built environments).

I understand the human a designer needs to be; to be in service to themselves, those they work with, and for.

I believe that mindset and connection are the key differentiators to successful transformations – in people and places. And that a designer’s role to lead and facilitate change comes with a responsibility to maintain an ethical and mindful practice.

I’ve loved every stage of my journey back to design, it’s a great passion.