katerstorey June 5, 2019

Our objective was to embed new mobile features into conversations across the branch and call centre network, and support customers to achieve their savings & investment goals. Our team redesigned conversations across savings, financial well-being, first home saver and first home buyer journeys.

Our research showed it was difficult to separate savings conversations from financial wellbeing or budgeting discussions. This led us to reframe our opportunity to become ‘how might we have better financial wellbeing & budgeting conversations with customers?’.

We co-designed experiences with bankers across the network to ensure new mobile features (goals, insights and nudges) were integrated and prototyped tools to support financial wellbeing and budgeting discussions.

Our work spanned squads from a range of portfolios across the business including; technology, customer proposition (marketing & product), digital, operations, change management, branch and call centre and financial wellbeing. There were so many of us working on this project at once stage we were were a village! Our squad were responsible for representing the realities of the banking network to ensure designs were feasible and viable.

I enjoyed every minute of working with frontline bankers, learning about their worlds and how hard it can be at frontline. This project also taught me to manoeuvre in large complex systems, to get things done.

The video below demonstrates the new goal setting features in ANZ’s app.