katerstorey September 6, 2019

I worked in a small squad, paired with a designer to redesign the entry point for Mortgage Protection Insurance conversations within the context of the Home Buyers journey. It was a complex project with many stakeholders and a new Insurance Partnership to consider.

Our objective was to understand how customers and bankers think and feel about Mortgage Protection Insurance to improve the lending conversation, create momentum and uplift of sales in the home lending journey.

The work required strategic leadership, ownership and planning, in addition to hands on day-to-day design activities and deliverables. My design lead and I led our squad through double diamond design activities including them where possible to support and grow their exposure to design thinking and encourage customer centric mindsets.

We applied mixed methods (HCD and data), to drive and hone our solutions for best value and outcome. Methods included observation, interviews, co-design workshops to map and prototype current and future states with head office teams, the national banking network and customers.

Current state journey

Our team identified insights that reshaped the way that Mortgage Protection Insurance was to be discussed to meet new regulative requirements, and the customer and bankers needs. With a holistic view of the conversation we provided strategic recommendations to the business to improve the experience for all parties.

I was responsible for insight reports, presenting updates at showcases, influencing stakeholder groups across the business, and working to embed the strategy across the complex network of internal teams. My experience at ANZ provided insight to the impact that design can have, and how to approach that in highly complex environments with many stakeholders.