katerstorey November 7, 2005

In 2006 Audi began centralising global sites to a common technology platform. The UK site had been a proprietary development with customisations to advance functionality including a bespoke comparison tool, configurator and Sky Channel.

The brief required the migration to move platform, provide a “facelift” to the look & feel, and audit all content and imagery for UK market requirements where the brand was positioned differently to Germany – as a premium product.

Consumer feedback indicated more imagery was desirable, so our design team focused on a four column layout that prioritised imagery and content, whilst also improving usability.

Our goal was to engage consumers for longer, and encourage longer time on site – pushing them down the buy process for test drives or brochure requests.

Our approach became a benchmark for other territories also migrating to the new CMS.

The response

The project recreated design guidelines for new site templates – specific to the UK’s brand personality, tone of voice and look and feel.

Much of the site text was completely rewritten and transformed into powerful, punchy copy that reflected Audi’s brand personality.

The new for column template provided more space to display aspirational product & iconic brand images. This was our teams chance to bring the UK site inline with the brand values of progressive, sophisticated and sporty luxury.

The information architecture simplified navigation through the site, making it quicker and easier for content and key conversion features like the comparison & configurator, and new 360° exterior tool to be found and used.

Each range was also provided with richer content and links to deeper content were redesigned for quicker access to specific models. Overall visitors were able to able find exactly what they wanted – quicker.

The results

The refreshed site reflected the UK brand image, resulting in a distinctively Audi look & feel.

User interviews revealed a 10% uplift in satisfaction relative to the overall site experience – aesthetics and brand images made a big impact – as did improved content, navigation and search features.

Digit magazine wrote in July 2004; “The Audi site is an immersive brand experience, which successfully fulfils its role to the point where over half of Audi buyers say their decision was positively influenced by the website“.