katerstorey November 7, 2006

When I worked at gt, I was UK Programme Manager for Audi. The goal was to encourage potential buyers to book a test drive for their new Q7 model. Potential buyers existed on their database all we needed to do was create some beautiful digital content to support a DM promotion. It was a follow up to the successful RS4 and a further commitment to digital from a very beautiful brand.

We designed a CD to support the DM mailer – it provided a personalised, engaging interactive experience, and showcased the new model beautifully.

We adapted 3D design renders from design production to provide interactive zones (hotspots) highlighting selling points both within and outside the car. We also incorporated content from Audi Channel and downloads for enthusiasts phones and machines. It was a great way to engage potential buyers to find out more – and at the time pretty cool.

Test drive bookings could be made with a click of a button (before we were all connected to the web 24/7).

Measurability for Audi was a big win from this project, behaviour was trackable from test drive requests, click-throughs to the website, but content interactions.