katerstorey January 5, 2013

Whilst working at Spinach Advertising, we developed a content strategy for Australia’s largest real estate network across Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, Twitter and Google+.

The Co-operative network comprises of over 400 businesses across 3 countries and over 1/4 of these businesses were involved with the project – each with varying degrees of social media presence and capabilities. The project revamped content for all channels to engage & excite fans, but remained practical for Marketing staff to continue & support throughout the network.

Due to the technology selected we were able to devise that 80% of the entire Co-ops social media presence was fed by 1 resource at Head Office – the tool we used was Momentfeed (a Social Media Management tool), it was crucial to our strategy.

This left the remaining 20% of content to be created by agents and local staff who focused on content to grow their local profiles, including interactions with customers & their communities. Low effort channels such as Instagram were fabulous for getting agents to contribute.

Content themes were designed to create engagement and focused on brand building, leadership & enterprise building topics. We supported a 6 month rollout including training programs, corporate guidelines and basic how to’s.

The approach proved really successful, improving each local businesses presence, community numbers and engagement levels with very minimal resource.


Mid year results showed uplifts across the entire network and all channels as:

  • LOCAL FANS + 37.4%
  • LOCAL REACH +76.4%