katerstorey January 5, 2004

At Bernard Hodes we worked with Enfield Council to help them design an Adoption and Fostering website – it was 2004 and the project was our first opportunity to build a AAA Accessible website – which proved a great new business tool for the agency once the sales peeps cottoned on to the inclusiveness of it all.

Our brief was to develop the foundations of an interactive strategy for the council for extension as their budget grew – stage 1 was essentially a brochure of their services, but they had a great framework from which to expand their digital marketing from.

Our recommendation of the highest level of Accessibility standards reinforced the councils position regarding diversity within their community – and ensured access to the widest possible audience.

The site had a common portal page for adoption and fostering, then branches off into dedicated sub-sections relative to their services. It also featured a translation request page to support the multi-cultural community to access information in their preferred language. Our team loved working on this project, it was a nice one to be involved with.