katerstorey April 6, 2018

I was a Design Lead for a residential property developer at Huddle, my stream mapped the end-to-end service experience for Australian and Asian customers.

Working from existing research and internal business knowledge, our team began by visualising draft journeys. We tested these in workshops with local audiences to complete gaps and provide a deeper understanding of the end-to-end service experience. We then drafted a service model to conceptually reframe the clients understanding of their customers service experience, and showed the relationship between front and back of house journeys, isolating two key stages for focus.

We tested our findings in key Asian markets to understand the differences. I adapted our research approach to suit local conditions, distilling artefacts into semi-structured interviews, and building back visuals with synthesised data.

A final series of artefacts were produced to support our clients to have a deeper more profound understanding of their customers experience across markets and why. These included service maps, a refined service model and a written report.