katerstorey November 7, 2015

Identifying opportunities to improve customer experience in travel retail

Working with DT, I conducted an experience audit for JR/Duty Free, focusing on understanding opportunities relating to touchpoints between physical and digital sales channels.

Trade constraints for duty-free retail is extreme, and the challenge to engage customers within a 90 second window after a 14hr flight is tough. The project required a detailed understanding of the customers mindset through their arrival and departure journeys. The retail environment, the sector’s competitive landscape and existing business capabilities and tolerances.

I applied a mixed method approach to research, including industry, sector and customer research, reviews of analytics, heuristic audits of digital comms and sales channels, and what else was to hand within the DT environment. I also shadowed customers, conducted staff interviews and mapped insights into two customer journeys identifying opportunities within the arrival and departure journeys for digital and physical processes to be tied together better.

I worked collaboratively with the wider team (strategy and account services) to design a roadmap recommending short-longer term activities to achieve desired outcomes. I presented my findings to customer with the DT account team, and am grateful to have had the chance to have learned about this industry, its challenge and opportunities.