katerstorey November 13, 2009

Armed Forces Day Digital Marketing Campaign

Whilst working at Worth in 2009, I worked with the UK Ministry of Defence to deliver a social media campaign and website brand refresh.

The objective was raise public awareness and support for a new public holiday ‘Armed Forces Day’; to increase participation and acknowledge the contributions of past, present and future force members.

The social campaign ran concurrently with the website – the websites function was to broadcast content whilst the social platforms drove awareness, build community engagement, distributed shareable content, and drove traffic to www.armedforcesday.co.uk.

Platforms and Approach:

We centralised information about the event, how to get involved, participate and organise via the website. And used social platforms to approach and build support for the cause to develop momentum for AFDay.

Supporters and contributors quickly picked up on the campaign, involving themselves with digital activities such as “Raising the Flag” (Messages of support via Twitter integrated to the website homepage) and growth of the Facebook Fanpage.

Interactions for the time were impressive with 1-3 people joining the page per minute towards the end of the final day, and our goal of 10,000 followers was exceeded.


  • Website had a 600+% improvement from year before – with an increase of 1400,000 unique visitors
  • Twitter campaign – currently 8,690 and growing – notable 2009 RT’s included Eddie Izzard, Lord Drayson, Sarah Brown, Boris Johnson.
  • Facebook fans – now over 3 Million!
  • Flickr Childrens Art Competition – 192 entries
  • Photos uploaded to Flickr by fans from events attended – over 6,000
  • A post campaign survey (sentiment) indicated an overwhelming support for the approach, with 98.7% surveyed saying they were satisfied with the experience and 99.8% saying they would be supporting again the following year.

The most notable and powerful result for me was the provision of a social space for families and the general public to come together (FB in particular) and share their experiences of having loved ones at war and show messages of support for the troops and families. We also had comments from people who had served to say that the public support messages were a huge boost to morale.