katerstorey January 2, 2020

Redesign of ‘visitor service experience’ in a heritage listed environment

My research is focused on improving the visitor service experience for visitors at Montsalvat. A site that struggles to convey its tangible and intangible cultural heritage.

This research builds on my Masters research where I explored the application of Sensory Walking Research in context of a Customer Experience Audit. That work helped me identify the opportunity to explore a disconnect between the Centre’s new operating model and a visitors ability to penetrate deeper meaning on self-guided tours.

The following images showcase sensory design research probes I’ve made to support my research. They include narrative cubes depicting key stories from the past artists lives that I have profiled. A map of the site and its buildings, and a diorama to assist locating sensory stories.

Making and testing these design probes with the community and artists has assisted me to ‘come to terms with the site, its buildings and its people’. They have helped revealed a deeper sense of the sites intangible cultural heritage, and sites’ significance – as one of our cities original maker centres.