katerstorey June 7, 2017

Customer experience audit, testing sensory walking research method

Working with Management team, customers and staff, I conducted a customer experience audit for visitors to Montsalvat Arts Centre. My focus was on visitors taking a self-guided tour.

My finding outlined a complex environment moving to a new operating model with a confused experience that customers were unable to penetrate. I provided insights and recommendations across the customer journey. Recommendations were presented in an experience map – showing customer and staff pain and delight points. And accompanied by a Research Insights report and video excerpts from sensory walking research.

This work provided an opportunity to test a Sensory Anthropology research method within a Service Design context. I found the method to be incredibly beneficial for an embodied sensory learner such as myself, it complemented existing ethnographic research tools, and provided heightened understandings about customers lived experience via shared moments.

This project depended my practice and understanding of myself. My key finding centred on the mindset of mature practitioners who are in service to themselves, those they work with and the design process.

Reflective design publication – written throughout the process:

If you’d like to read some more about the project please visit the medium publication ‘Taking service design for a walk’ that I published through the research process. These journals deepened my reflective practice and matured style with a discipline that lets me trace key moments, pivots and causes of shifts in thought for a better outcome.