katerstorey January 5, 2008

Consulting via Mediahorse I worked with the Brighton & Hove PCT (Primary Care Trust) (the local trust responsible for management of National Health Service NHS).

The project was a social media campaign to boost community engagement levels and obtain public opinion regarding to the allocation of funds to the Maternity Care programme. Specifically the team were canvasing public opinion for a midwife led natural birthing clinic.

This team were among the NHS to experiment with social media to gain public opinion and combine these channels with more traditional media.

The Brief

A small budget existed, so the approach was designed to be managed by the client team. The campaign was designed to collect feedback from community groups – targeting:

  • Mums – pregnant & new parents
  • Address audience gaps with Fathers
  • Address audience gap with BME community (Black, Minority Community)
  • And as a result increase awareness about the teams activities & plans

The Approach

  • Used the existing council website to promote and house a survey (high traffic through this site) & placed a banner ad on every page of the NHS section, and build a dedicated landing page with link to survey
  • Digitised the existing survey for online completion – ensuring questions structured for results to be filtered by target groups
  • Created a facebook fanpage to further engage audiences, reinforcing the authenticity of the programme and posting of videos from earlier rounds of community interviews regarding their thoughts and beliefs about provision of a natural birthing clinic
  • Created a youtube channel to distribute the videos to the facebook fan page
  • Created a postcard size flyer that we posted and distributed to targeted influencer & supporter groups – mothers, fathers and BME’s
  • Created a contact list for supporters and influencers to assist with promotion of the public consultation – providing them assets from the campaign to use on their websites, in their newsletters, flyers to leave in their community rooms etc.

The Results

  • We attracted over 550 unique visitors to the website – direct & referred traffic
  • 162 people completed the survey = 29% of digital audience attracted, their answers were incredibly informative and helpful to build out the final report & recommendations
  • Distributed 2,000 flyers within the community
  • FB =143 (26%) of digital audience – lower than expected participation rates – we recommended more PR for the campaign (radio & paper) as we experienced spikes when local paper ran article – but internal funding & prioritisation did not exist to support.

Overall the client was impressed by the power and quality that an integrated campaign could offer, they achieved their required consultation numbers for targeted audience for a meagre budget, but could have improved reach with better internal co-ordination of PR and community management of FB group.