katerstorey March 14, 2016

I’m taking my Masters in Design Futures at RMIT, whilst honing my practice as a Service Designer.

Both are informing the other, and it’s been an incredible support to my vocational learning to have the academic aspect track right alongside.

The course is online, and we work via a few tools including G+, hangouts and increasingly more and more, we’re being encouraged to publish our thought development via Medium.

The process is different, stimulating and incredibly relevant to the real world where contemporary design practices are in place. You’re working collectively but remotely, with various inputs and collaborators (for group assignments), through an agreed process to a desired end. Which is moving more and more towards a tangible, visible, publishable thought for not just your lecturer but all the world to see.

I like this way of learning, it feels a bit more invested, relevant and worthy. But perhaps that’s because I’m finding the ability to constantly apply the learning to my own work? I’m not sure, but one is definitely informing the other and both worlds have merged – which from the outset is what I was looking for.  Support to transform and specialise my career focus.

My story’s are pretty focused on assignments atm, but I’m sure it’ll start branching out. If you’re curious you can find me here – https://medium.com/@kate.r.storey.