katerstorey December 23, 2015

Title | Author – The Decision Book, Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschäppeler

Topic – 50 models for strategic thinking – inner cover provides a suggested matrix on when to use and apply the models, both to your life and others’ for improvement.

Method of discovery – stumbled upon down a rabbit hole one day, post Webstock return, thought it could help with a decision I knew I needed to make but was avoiding.

Inspiration – I’d come across some of these models in a strategy subject that I took in the UK so some were familiar like Porter and Kotler etc. But I really enjoyed the way that this book threw a different light on it all and suggested ways to apply the models to yourself and others around you. Plus they give you a nice little quote at the end to inspire the application!

How-to-Find-Fulfilling-Work-cover-lowresI was probably reading this at the same time I was pouring over How to Find Fulfilling Work, by Roman Kzrnaric (part of The School of Life’s practical philosophy series, edited by Alain de  Botton).

And using both to explore the deep level of dissatisfaction I felt about my then current role. For me The Decision Book was both an excellent companion to How to Find Fulfilling Work, and a way to turn over options and look at the situation from differing perspectives. I still like to refer to it, its pretty easy to get lost in.

Recommended – It’s great for providing a framework to think through a topic / subject from a different angle, and if you like to ponder, to get these thoughts out of your head and into the real world.

I think of it as a business equivalent to Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt’s Oblique Strategies cards in the fact that they encourage lateral thinking when you need a bit of a jolt.

And if you’re really super keen, you can use the app – http://www.thedecisionapp.com/