katerstorey July 16, 2016

Returning to study has been wonderful (complete understatement!), and with it have come many things, including my love of collecting books.

I’ve done more reading for pleasure, than for as long as I can remember – and its wonderful. However, as you can see from the collection above all – there’s a lot on the go, and its all at once. Strangely, it’s building on itself and informing a larger knowledge.

This is the collection that I have on the go at the moment! The pile ebbs and flows, and gets reprioritised by readings for university assignments, but still remains connected by the thread of design philosophy and thinking.

I’m feeling very passionate about my connection between Donald Schön’s The Reflective Practitioner and B.S.K. Iyengar’s yoga philosophy. Iyengar writes of the connection between the mind and body via the practice of Asana’s to still the mind, draw in the senses, and develop intuitive intelligence. I’m working my way through Schön’s book, continuing my yoga practice – and writing reflections about my own project work and career development – which is proving incredibly invaluable.

Perhaps some more on that later…