katerstorey February 7, 2017

Redesigning customer reporting, introducing Design Thinking to Sensis

I was part of a small design pod who formed part of a group of 5 pods, all focused on rebuilding digital design features on the customer self-service platform that supported small business customers with Sensis digital marketing services.

Our design required knowledge of complex systems and legacy data decisions to determine what could be presented in the design, and get close to what customers were asking for in the design research process.

Our goal was to improve the customers understanding of their digital marketing spend in terms of ROI, an improved platform for Sensis , and establish a path for the other 4 design pods also working on design features for release.

My responsibilities included; sprint design, user research, service mapping, prototype design, reports, decks, presentations and showcase updates.

Outcomes included:

  • Successful launch of reporting within timeframes.
  • Customer access to meaningful reporting and data to make better informed digital marketing investment decision.
  • An improved platform for Sensis staff to better service customers with their investment.
  • An introduction of Design Thinking design sprints and ways of working to BA, Tech and Development teams.
  • Engaged customers and staff through each design sprint – sharing research questions and insights that drove design and engineering decisions.
  • Co-ordinated effort to manage rollout with change management, marketing and call centre staff for the feature launch.