katerstorey November 13, 2011

When I worked at White Labelled, we worked with Grey to develop the How Safe is Your Car website for the TAC.

Data on the site represents more than 80% of the cars driven on Australian roads. The site’s primary role is to increase the number of safe cars on the road by raising safety as a priority in car purchase decision-making.

The TAC’s objective was to influence consumer’s car buying behaviour and encourage their consideration of buying the safest car they could afford and in turn, influence manufacturers to improve safety features to the Australian market.

The Brief

We provided technical services to Grey to develop the new website, ensuring that it;

  • Provided improved functionality, features and quality that will support the ongoing delivery needs of the TAC Vehicle Safety’s business strategy
  • Complemented and supported the TAC’s HSIYC corporate identity and positioning
  • Supported the audience to complete successful searches and achieve their desired outcomes
  • Supported accurate, efficient content management processes with the varied & complex data sources
  • Provided efficient work practices to the internal web-team
  • Introduced the latest web-based features, functionality and technology
  • Stimulated an increase in searches and comparison tool usage with end users
  • Supported marketing activity to driving traffic to the site and build awareness including; high-profile mix media campaigns, online marketing, event displays and activity (Motor Show, F1 Grand Prix, Road Show) etc.

The Site

  • The site was developed on Sitecore – an enterprise nature, proven to be robust, reliable, flexible and cost effective.
  • The safety rating systems data was dervied from a variety of sources including ; USCR & ANCAP. The data contained over 45,000 records and required imported and transformed before display. Complex logic was developed to provide as much flexibility to the existing business rules that determined ratings and scores, as the rating systems are prone to change from year to year.
  • Site content was contained within a variety of MS Excel, MS Word, Adobe PDF as well as CSV File formats.
  • The data is updated on an ongoing basis via csv / FTP and web services
  • The site also contains content authoring and approval workflows to assist administration management within TAC team.
The Results
  • Page views increased by 700% from first month of launch.
  • Performance testing & tuning increased the sites concurrent users x 10 times.
  • The site was launched with success at the 2011 Australian Grand Prix.
  • The site has supported publication of previously unsupported data, and simplified the publishing process.
  • The site has delivered to the complex requirements at outset of the project.