PhD examination at RMITs PRS

It was fantastic to finally present my research for examination at RMITs June 2023 Practice Research Symposium (PRS). Titled ‘The Archaeology of service design: how to unravel, locate, surface, and transmit the significance and meaning of place in a complex heritage setting’, my research produced a framework to support Service Designers to improve the design of heritage services in and with a place, a local community and institution. It explored the value of interdisciplinary methods and makes a contribution to extending practice, literature and pushes the craft into new industries to encourage more critical, inclusive and ethical approaches to producing heritage narratives.

Years of work in the making, and I’m very grateful for the support provided by RMITs School of Design, School of Architecture and Urban Design, and my supervisors Dr Olivia Hamilton, Dr Leah Heiss and Dr Marius Foley. Also, a huge thanks to Montsalvat’s community and institution for their support, engagement and participation in this project. Also Thank-you to my family, friends and everyone who supported along the way – it wouldn’t have happened without you. I’m nearly there – hurrah!