Service Design and Design Research

The following projects were completed as a part-time employee or contractor whilst I finished my study. While the titles may differ, I always draw on my strategic, service and research skills and experience producing and managing beautiful digital products, services and customer experiences.

AGL, Service Designer

As Service Designer, I helped design an EV smart charging service using the UK Double Diamond. I identified a study detailing Australian customers’ energy lives during exploratory research. I invited one of the Research Fellows to cohost an event to share their insights with the broader Customer Markets team. That session crafted deep engagement with household segments, energy domain usage and the reality of EV charging behaviours. It shaped more realistic decisions and helped drive our project forward. Other sources highlighted the necessary regulatory, policy and infrastructure shifts to mature Australia’s EV charging market.

I mentored a colleague to gain customer research experience and develop customer personas. Together we conducted customer interviews and synthesised data (quant and qual) to produce themes, insights and findings and inform target customers, journeys and opportunities. From there, I co-designed a service blueprint to visualise and communicate our research. I also conducted several home visits to understand how charging technologies performed when integrated with other technology and energy management systems. I facilitated workshops to ideate digital solutions and then prototyped and tested key features with customers to inform an MVP and development roadmap. I enjoyed working in this emergent space and contributing to decarbonising how Australians work, live and move.

WorkSafe, Service Designer

As Service Designer in the Claims and Recovery Strategic Delivery team, I helped redesign a new service to improve recovery and return to work outcomes for injured workers with complex needs. The project was a strategic focus and required the service to be defined, tested and implemented using a world-leading patient-centred care model to improve social, financial and economic outcomes. I helped shape the future customer experience by considering business requirements and technical and regulatory policy. I co-designed a service blueprint with stakeholders, including domain experts, business analysts, product owners, agencies and design colleagues. The blueprint defined the backstage capabilities required to deliver the service and assisted the development team in prototyping software on the new CRM platform. I enjoyed working with this group of passionate health professionals to improve injured worker outcomes.

ANZ, Senior Service Designer (Experience Designer)

At ANZ, I worked with the Savers and Investors and the Home Loans Tribes to help design strategic customer value propositions. I enjoyed field research and co-design with squads, customers, Head Office, and frontline teams. The projects included redesigning banker tools to support savings and financial well-being conversations and helping to redesign a new ‘Insurance Protection Product’ in the Home Loans journey.

As one squad’s Scrum Master, I worked with the Product Owner to encourage Agile and customer-centric ways of working and influence a complex matrix of stakeholders to help us access busy bankers to conduct our research. These projects required me to design and conduct research, facilitate workshops, and produce presentations, experience maps, blueprints and prototypes. I also presented at showcases and contributed to quarterly planning sessions.

Huddle, Senior Design Lead

At Huddle, I was a Senior Design Lead working on a boutique residential property development project. I designed research to map the organisation’s end-to-end service offering in Australian and Asian markets across Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and Malaysia. As an embedded design team, we introduced human-centred design to underpin innovation and customer-led thinking.

We conducted the research in Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur and Guangzhou markets, using a mix of customer interviews and design workshops. We also adapted and translated our approach for non-English speaking participants. The role involved identifying vendors to recruit in Asian territories, budget, and stakeholder management, developing showcase presentations and insight reports, and contributing to developing design research artefacts such as current and future-state journey maps. Our research involved interviews with the company’s supplier and customer network and produced insight into Australian and Asian buying experiences to identify innovation opportunities for future development.

AKQA and Hesta, Design Researcher

At AKQA, I completed a design research project to help Hesta identify opportunities to reach students as they progressed across their study, first job and university journeys. I synthesised research interviews, produced a student journey map and an insight report and presented insights to the client.

Mama Chomp, Service Design and Website Development

This project helped a dear friend grow her business and offer her delicious gluten-free Chomp Arounds to customers via an online store. After a design workshop, I conducted a vendor review and helped select a template to develop the store on the Shopify platform, making small batch orders available online. Sadly, Mama Chomp is no longer trading, but many loyal customers look forward to the day these delicious chomps return – they were incredible!

AKQA and JR/Duty Free, Experience Designer

Working with DT before they were AKQA in Australia, I completed a customer experience project for JR/Duty Free. The research produced insights to improve sales and marketing communications through a customer’s arrival and departure journey. To consolidate findings, I combined several research methods, including desk research, market and competitor analysis, usability and analytics reviews, interviews, site visits, and customer journey maps. I presented a strategic roadmap of future innovation recommendations to the client’s senior team, identifying opportunities for future focus.