The Australian Boys Choir, Marketing & Design Team Lead

From 2020 to 2021, I volunteered as The Australian Boys Choir’s Marketing and Design Team Lead. I worked closely with the Artistic Director to modernise the Institute’s outward-facing communications and design a digital strategy to improve integrated marketing across social media, email and website channels. During this time, we built a small team of dedicated volunteers to produce marketing collateral to promote performances and develop content to keep the community engaged during our recent pandemic. It was a wonderful experience to work with a very talented group of parent volunteers and help to surface the organisation’s hidden value.

Website redesign

In 2019 I joined a project group to help redesign The Australian Boys Choir website. I combined digital experience with service design to develop an experience that supported all of the organisation’s service lines. I combined a new WordPress template with photography to reimagine the organisation’s online brand and communicate its hidden value. The design improved the community’s communication and offered a valuable platform to sell performance tickets and promote online auditions to new students. Busy parents who prefer digital communications received the website well; it was also vital to the organisation during its transition to online learning during the 2020-21 lockdowns. User manuals supported staff and volunteers to maintain the site’s content. Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools helped monitor and improve traffic; they also supported the production of reports to demonstrate the value of integrated marketing to the Artistic Director and Board. I also converted print content to the website and optimised graphics to support content marketing via social media channels.

Austinato Magazine

In 2020 and 2021, I was involved in helping bring the organisations’ Austinato magazine back to life. A group of incredibly talented parent writers and editors created the content, and I worked with staff and the Artistic Director to design the November 2020 and June 2021 magazines. The magazine offers the community, alumni and the institute’s patrons insight into achievements and developments throughout the year. I also digitised the magazine on the website to support social media marketing content and newsletter communications to the community. Offering audiences the content in various formats improved readership and helped maintain long-held community associations.